4 Main factors for building a sensible SEO strategy

4 Main factors for building a sensible SEO strategy

SEO can be complicated if you are not aware of the 4 main SEO ranking factors. The reason behind this is that, in digitalized world businesses and digital marketing agencies are trapped in a competitive scenario with peer pressure of performance. So, getting trained in the given 4 areas in SEO can help you level up in the competition.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO may look bit serious, but it is all about making sure that the search engines can go through your content while exploring your site. The content management system that we use and the tools are capable of highlighting your problems. The main technical areas that are taken into consideration are given below:-

  • Crawl- Check if a search engine can explore your site
  • Index- Which pages of the search engine should be indexed?
  • Mobile- Is your site mobile-friendly?
  • Speed- Does the pages get load fast?
  • Technical- Are you using SEO friendly tech or CMS tech?

On-page SEO optimization

Website should be optimized at an individual page level and also as a whole. According to most of the website optimization companies in Brisbane, a well structured site with a sensible SEO should mainly focus on the following areas:-

  • Understand the language of the users through detailed keyword research.
  • Ensure each URL is descriptive.
  • Keywords should look natural in page titles
  • Meta description should be crafted like ad copy
  • Good user experience with smooth navigation
  • A perfect call-to-action

Off-page authority building

All SEO plans have to go through this spot, and building your authority includes link building. Links are a medium to gain strong organic rankings, and also one of the toughest parts in SEO. It is a myth that, more links can get better rankings, as we need links from relevant sources. If you tend to ignore this while link building process, then the efforts that you put will not be counted. So make sure that it makes sense.

Content development and strategy

Content is the foundation of SEO strategy and search engine marketing, as everything begins and ends with content. The content which you create should be capable of justifying the purpose of your products or services, and also the reason how it will be a benefit for users to spend for it. So plan a decent content strategy, ensuring that you consider these 3 questions:-

  • Service: – What is your business about and where is it located?
  • Credibility: – Which type of audience will gain more benefit out of your business?
  • Marketing: – Content that helps position you as an expert in tour industry.
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