Be prepared to leverage mobile first indexing by Google

Be prepared to leverage mobile first indexing by Google

Nowadays, mobile search has increased more than 60 percent of Google queries, and therefore, Google’s introduced Mobile First Indexing. From desktop version of web content, Google has started making moves towards mobile version of content. This innovation can be an advantage to businesses who are struggling to offer a better user experience, and SEO. Obviously it’s impossible to crack the exact algorithm that Google uses, but as a matter of fact, the goal behind this whole idea is similar as yours. To know more about, take assistance from best SEO Company in Brisbane, and while preparing for this enticing technique to get more consumers, try not to make the common mistakes listed below:

Slow loading web pages

Customers hate slow loading website which makes them less curious about the brand. I t literally kills their excitement and more than 50% will tend to leave the site and move to competitor’s website. It should never take more than 2-3 seconds to load the pages. For instance, if a mobile page is taking 8-9 seconds to load, the user might get impatient, and thus you will lose one of your potential customers. To fix this, use tools like Google PageSpeed Insights and analyze the reason for slow loading of website. Best website optimization companies in Brisbane are aware of this technique.

Ignoring the mobile version

Managing a website is more than just analyzing the page speed, and you need to look at your overall mobile experience. If your website is already performing below average, then you’re already in trouble and it will only get complicated with time. Important content or data like on-page user reviews are crucial for search engine results page (SERP). Once mobile-first begins, these elements won’t appear if they don’t exist on mobile site.

Bad user experience

A website should be always designed based on user experience, and should never be planned without detailed research. Bad user experience is a loss for the brand itself, as it damages the reputation of your company. Phones get limited screen space and hence the challenges are much more complicated compared to desktop version. A user might be interested in resolving multiple queries like, product research, B2B buyers, scanning all the reviews, and much more. So, they will take a longer time in accessing your site, and this is when they appreciate the seamless user experience which you offer.

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