Is Your Local SEO Not Working? Things You’re Probably Doing Wrong.

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Is Your Local SEO Not Working? Things You’re Probably Doing Wrong.

Local-based business owners usually apply a different kind of online marketing strategy from that of a non geo-specific business brand. Though both business models have their own challenges, local business can be more frustrating, especially since the local search results change more rapidly. If you want to get the best possible result and rank within Google’s local pack listing, you need to be able to do some up-front work.

If your local SEO campaign is not working, then you might want to start searching for the best SEO company brisbane and make some changes. But before you do so, you need to be able to determine exactly where you went wrong.

1. You are over-optimizing your anchor text.

While it’s true that you need to be descriptive with your keywords, overdoing it will hurt your ranking. Google says that website should cater to users and not search engines. And the updates they make with Google Panda and Google Penguin back their belief. If you don’t want to get a penalty from Google, you should avoid over-optimizing your anchor text. Instead, fill your content with more useful information.

2. You are keyword stuffing.

Like over-optimizing anchor text,keyword stuffing is one manipulative behavior that Google is trying to discourage. It’s true that you will want to display as many city or zip codes keywords into your site if you are to gain online visibility. However, this will neither please your visitors nor search engine sites. With the updates on Google’s algorithm, this will no longer work. If you want to know more about Google’s algorithm, you can ask a professional in search engine optimization brisbane.

3. You are duplicating your web content.

Duplicating can cause great damage on your website. For one, you are creating a competition with yourself. Search engines usually choose the best among similar pages, and what they choose may not be your preferred page. Secondly, Google thinks that duplicating content is a manipulation of search engines. Thus, you can get penalized for it. Again, an expert or an SEO agency brisbane will be able to give you more details about this.

4. You don’t have physical presence in your set location.

Let’s say for example that you claim to be from Brisbane and you are using a specialized search engine optimisation brisbane strategy. The only problem is that you don’t sell products, but services. Thus, you don’t have a brick and mortar office. Though it’s true that you are based in Brisbane, but the lack of an address will lead Google to think that you are one of the empty or false business listings which they are currently cleaning up.

5. You don’t have consistent NAP footprint.

Google usually cross-checks your information to verify your name, address, and phone number (NAP). When your NAP is not consistent, Google will question how real your business is. If you want to avoid any misunderstanding, double check the information you give in your pages and make sure that they match. You can also ask a website optimization brisbane service provider to the job for you.


Search engine marketing is not easy, especially if you’re running a local business. However, you will be happy to know that there are website optimisation brisbane or search engine marketing brisbane companies that are willing to help you correct the things you’re doing wrong with your SEO campaign.

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