Free Website Analysis

Free Website Audit

A website audit is the process of analysing a website providing the owner with:

  • The strengths and weaknesses of the siteParticularly on the aspect of search visibility, plan the corresponding actions to take, and eventually, Improve the business’s traffic, conversions, and sales.
  • Particularly on the aspect of search visibility
  • Plan the corresponding actions to take, and eventually, improve the business’s traffic, conversions, and sales.

SEO Brisbane offers a Free website audit. SEO Brisbane’s audit provides you with a deeper understanding as to why your website isn’t ranking the way you want it to.

Why You Need Website Audit

For the past few years, websites remained laid-back, knowing how easy it was to manipulate search engines. Websites simply put keywords in their content’s title, header and body, get some back links, and the website would successfully rank. Today, it doesn’t work that way. And unfortunately, most websites are no longer able to keep up. Search engines use hundreds of factors to determine how websites are ranked in the search results. Here are some of the factors:

One way to tell whether or not you need website audit is to ask yourself about the factors mentioned above. Is my website responsive? Does my website’s speed fast enough? Does my website present high-quality content? If your answer to those questions is NO, you need website audit.

The Help SEO Brisbane Website Audit Gives

Website audit in SEO Brisbane may be offered for free, but the quality is still that of a highly-paid offer. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Our free website audit will help you:

  • Fix errors for improvements
    With the website audit report, you will be able to detect minor issues in your website such as code errors, slow loading speed, structural issues, and other technical problems in the site design influencing your search engine rankings. After identifying the problems, you may report them to your website developer and let their expert hands fix the minor issues for major improvements to come forth.
  • Strengthen your link profile
    To rank high on search engines, your website must have a profile strong enough to beat your competitors. Website audit in SEO Brisbane lets you see profiles that are linking to your website and your competitors’. With the information given by the audit reports, you can replicate the link profile of your competitors, connect to website owners, and observe the growing links. There may be a lot of links on your website with the same type or source. Upon identifying, diversify your link profile.
  • Extend your social network
    Website audit may function as a social audit. With website audit reports, you will be able to improve your inbound marketing as you gauge how much your website and the content within are shared across various social media platforms.

SEO Brisbane Free Website Audit: The Features

Everything that SEO Brisbane offers has features, including those that are offered for free. Below are the features of SEO Brisbane’s website audit:

Detailed Report

We give a detailed, extensive report of your website’s audit. Our reports will review the most important aspects of a website from the page structure, mobile usability, social metrics, coding, to back link profiles. It will tell you whether or not your website is well-optimized for your keywords. This, of course, will give you indications on which area of your website you will need to work on further.

Complete Analysis

Aside from giving full, side-by-side analysis on your website, one special feature of our website audit report is that it allows access to your competitor’s site, so you are able to compare the differing results.

Helpful Suggestions

SEO Brisbane does not only give reports and analysis, we share actionable recommendations from professionals who are experts in the field.