Google Penalty review

One wrong move and Google may readily get your search rankings plunged to the core. If you are in this dire situation, SEO Brisbane can help you recover from the dreaded Google penalty by reviewing the core issues and addressing them thoroughly. We are driven to help websites recover and restore their high rankings. Rebuilding your rankings is not an impossibility. With SEO Brisbane, we make all good things possible in your SEO endeavor. We help you recover by following the key steps below:

  • Find out if the page or website is actually under google penalty and for which key phrases.
  • Find out which type of penalty is incurred and their root causes.
  • Do the proper approach to file disavow and reconsideration requests and proceed with the Google Penalty removal process seamlessly.

SEO Brisbane will never let your site down. We make our clients’ business ours, and so we are as concerned as you are when these kinds of problems occur. You can trust us when we say that we will get you covered no matter how dire situations can be.