Local Citation Listing

A local citation, in its most basic explanation, refers to the mention of a local business somewhere on the web. Local citations may count with or without a link. A business can be mentioned in multiple ways. It may include the company’s phone number, address, or website link. A complete local citation includes; company name, address, and contact number. If the citation does not include the three, it is referred to as a partial citation.

SEO Brisbane is amongst the SEO service providers that offer complete, extensive services creating local citations to increase a website’s traffic and, ultimately, improve the business’ exposure in local searches.

What Local Citations Do

Local citations are used to rank local map listings in Google. They provide Google with complete information about the websites confirming the presence of the business and verifying its legitimacy.

How Local Citations Work

Google is more likely to include your website in the search results when the system is able to find complete information about your company on local websites and directories. To be able to take full advantage of the local citations, SEO Brisbane can aid you in optimising your Google Local Business Page.

In localised SEO, companies are mentioned in the form of local citations with text hyperlinks to help Google rank local map listing in the search results page. More local citations mean improving a local business, eventually outranking other websites.

The Different Kinds of Citations

Find Local Citation Opportunities with SEO Brisbane

Finding local citations with SEO Brisbane is easy. We work to achieve a page one rank for your business, and part of that is to ensure all local citations are submitted and accurate.

What Makes an Effective Local Citation

SEO Brisbane chooses high-ranking websites. Our products are seen as effective, credible local citations by Google.

A local citation must present the following information:

1. Company name
2. A contact number with local area code. (A local telephone number is preferable to an 1800 or 1300 number; this will make it easier for Google to recognise a local business.)
3. The address of your business

4. Your company URL

While mentioning the company name is considered to be a local citation, mentioning the pieces of information above make an effective local citation as they are amongst the basic yet most fundamental data.

How to Play and Win the Citation Game

There is no particular standard way of playing the citation ‘game’. You can simply try out different ways of acquiring local citation opportunities. What matters is how you approach the game, how you make your local citations a winner among all others in the competition. More is more – that is what the principle of SEO Brisbane is on this matter. You must have more local citations than rival websites. While the total number of local citations is important, the quality and accuracy of the citations must also be considered. The information mentioned in your local citations must also be as complete as possible. Full information on local citations will have more value, positively affecting your website’s ranking in Google Local listing.

High-quality Local Citations by SEO Brisbane Services

The process of obtaining local citations takes time. That is why SEO Brisbane offers complete SEO services making things easier for you. For SEO Brisbane services, contact us now and get ready for the real deal.