Organic SEO can boost local visibility to greater extent

Organic SEO can boost local visibility to greater extent

Based on 2017 Local Ranking Factors study results following are the conclusion:

  • Organic ranking factors which include links, target keywords and anchor text can elevate your local visibility.
  • Reviews play an important role in terms of reputation of your business.

1. Google My Business

Reviews play a major part when it comes to ranking factor. Engagement also is a factor essential for better ranking. Hence, this includes adding images of your office space or retail shop with the working hours. Responding to reviews also counts as it is an indirect message to your customer that you value their feedback and you want them to approach them the next time.

2. Website related factors

To be a part of local packs, bring more life to organic search results. Make sure that you rank for specific term on the targeted page. Website optimization agencies in Brisbane can assist you with these important website related elements.

3. Off-page signals have a slight contribution

Off-site signals or reviews and citations on third party websites are losing value compared to last year. Although, this factor still holds a place and should not be ignored completely.

4. Keyword focused content

Ranking factors is partially based on the content published with accurate keyword stuffing and relevant information. Search Metrics study proved 53% of the top 20 queries have keywords in their title tag, and in landing pages 40% of them have keywords in H1 tags. This number is dropping and this is a hint that Google is getting much stricter when it comes to relevance and individual keywords. Especially for local rankings it is very crucial to have the keywords which are too specific to the business.

5. Importance of links

Those who have worked on traditional SEO are being rewarded with optimized anchor text by Google.

6. Technical factors

Landing pages with H1 and H2 headings are more in the source code this year, and this has helped sites to get higher ranking. Anchor text has a strong influence on rankings, so make sure that your back link anchor text is diverse.

Final thoughts:

SEO is an industry which can never go out of business, as quality links with rich content is a must. All you need to know is how to prioritize the elements that can improve your website.

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