PPC Remarketing

Some users click your PPC ad (Pay Per Click) or visit your landing page and then simply never return. There could be thousands of them, and no one can afford to lose such huge potential. People don’t complete a transaction for various reasons. It could be because your website was not that compelling, or it could simply be because they simply changed their minds about the purchase. Whatever the case, the bottom line is that you need to establish a way to get them back on track. You need to remind them about your business’ existence, which will increase your brand recognition and will eventually lead to them returning to your site and making that all important purchase.

How It Works

Each time a user visits your page, a cookie gets dropped on the browser of the visitor. This makes remarketing possible. As the lost user browses the web, your targeted text ads and banner will follow them around to remind them about your brand. SEO Brisbane can help you get your PPC Remarketing campaign started. We can customise the duration of time the users are targeted, the number of times you reach out to them, and the exact message your ad displays. We can show them the exact products they browsed but have yet to purchase.

Our Services

SEO Brisbane offers powerful remarketing services that can successfully bring your potential customers back. We do this by taking care of the following:

We work on each of the tasks above to make the most out of your remarketing campaign. Prompting your prospective clients to revisit your products or services, the more they are likely to visit your website to add a sale. We further work on the following:

  • Multi-channel Remarketing
    Be it Google, Perfect Audience, AdRoll, or other third party networks, we can help you tap your target audience and show the world your message. We make the most out of the myriad of channels across the web, be it search engine platforms or social media sites.
  • Dynamic Remarketing
    SEO Brisbane can generate custom ads tailored to previous visitors’ shopping behaviours and patterns and suggest products that they might like according to their previous purchases and activities.
  • Advanced Audience Segmentation
    We seamlessly segment your target audience according to the engagement levels, the number of visits, recency, lifecycle phase, etc. to make sure that each prospective customer receives a custom messaging that compels them to get back on track.
  • Real-Time Bidding
    We can help you tap the maximum number of prospective customers online in the exact place and at the exact time, they are likely responding to your PPC ad.
  • Continual Monitoring
    We will monitor, test, and improve your remarketing campaign, creating the best value for you.

Why Choose SEO Brisbane’s Remarketing Management?

We ensure our services are tailored fit to the needs of each client. We look at the setup you have and craft a strategy that matches your campaign’s needs.

We analyse data thoroughly to make the best marketing decisions providing the best results. We focus on reinforcing your brand to improve your visibility and generate revenue. Using the most compelling tools and strategies done by the most skilled professionals, we can thoroughly tap into site visitors who didn’t convert creating a converted sale.

We also keep you updated on the progress of your campaign. We give you reports featuring the clicks, impressions, and conversions garnered after the remarketing process. We will be more than happy to talk to you about your PPC remarketing.