Should You Reconsider Opening a Google AdWords Account?


Should You Reconsider Opening a Google AdWords Account?

You probably still remember the big boycott from Google AdWords due to the controversial display of brands on offensive and extremist Youtube channels and sites. After it had been revealed that their brands were displayed alongside content that promotes anti-semitism and terrorism, companies and publishers started pulling their advertising account from Google. Some of them included Toyota, Tesco, Aviva, and Heinz.

With this much criticism from advertisers and big brands, will it still be worth your money to invest in Google AdWords as part of your search engine optimization brisbane?

The Problem with Google AdWords

After the big controversy Google faced last month, they are still suffering from its after-effects. In fact, they are facing another AdWords settlement. This time, it’s for the failure to disclose that there is a possibility that ads appear on error pages and parked domains, which is clearly false advertising and a violation of the California laws. Aside from that, it harms a brand’s search engine optimisation brisbane strategy.

If your goal in signing up with Google AdWords is to improve website optimization Brisbane, then you should know that this display of ads in sites that no one can visit will not help you increase your traffic in any way. In other words, you are only wasting your money and search engine marketing brisbane efforts. There are other online marketing strategies that you can invest your money on.

Google’s Response to Criticisms

In response to the needs of brands and advertisers like SEO agency brisbane, Google says that they are starting to make some changes in their ad network. Their ad policies, enforcement of such policies, and brands’ control on the ads have been revamped.

Google also apologized for brands that appear on content that do not align with their values and damaging their brand’s value


Here are some changes Google has made with their ad network:

1. There is now a stricter default setting for the ads. Thus, there’s a lesser chance that your ad will appear alongside offensive content. Brands can now choose in which kind of content they like to appear in.
2. There are new account level controls that can exclude channels and sites.
3. Additional controls make it easier for brands to control exactly where their ads appear.

Although the changes are not yet perfected, they have, at least, addressed the pressing issues. In the future, brands can expect a much better system.

Your Response to the Issue

If you are concerned about your whether Google AdWords will help with your website optimisation brisbane or not, you should fully read and review their policies. For now, the thing that’s clear is that Google has admitted that they have made a mistake and it is making a good response by improving their system. While the system is not perfect, you might want to postpone creating that AdWords account. However, even the best SEO company brisbane will tell you that Google AdWords still does more good to your website than bad.

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