Site Speed Optimisation

Site Speed Optimisation

Don’t waste traffic and conversion by sticking with a slow website. No matter how beautiful your web design is, no matter how engaging your web content is, no matter how superior your products and services are, if your website is slow to load, your company will end up losing business. Your site has to keep up with the ever decreasing attention span of people online. Make every second count and strive for a blazing fast website. SEO Brisbane will assist in making this and more come to life.

What slows your website down?

Your website can slow down if your server connection is poor. Also, if there are files with sizes that are too large. Usually, large files come with embedded graphics and dynamic content. Our site speed optimisation services aim to tackle the following:

Minimise HTTP Requests

The HTTP requests can be minimised if the number of files that have to be loaded on your site is reduced.

Reduce the Size of Huge Files

These include images, HTML, CML, javascript, and CSS.

Use External Scripts

The use of JavaScript within should be avoided. Rather, the information should be stored externally and just reference the data in the files where they’re needed.

Minimise DNS Lookups

Nothing is downloaded from the browser unless the DNS lookup is complete. This can be avoided by reducing the unique hostnames count on your website.

How SEO Brisbane Can Help

We have a skilled team of technical SEO specialists Brisbane who will complete your site speed audit. The process identifies pages on your website that can cause the site to run slowly. We then examine the difference of each page’s load times when opened on various browsers.

We will optimise all pages on your site, prioritising the home page and the product pages first. Our technical experts can clean the code and minimise white space as well as optimise JavaScript and CSS by minimising the number of files. Get started with your site speed optimisation today and give every visitor a pleasant journey through your website until they convert and return for more.