Toxic Backlink Removal

Toxic backlinks, as the name implies, are toxic for a website and must be removed from the system at once. With SEO Brisbane’s comprehensive toxic backlink removal strategies, we will remove all toxic backlinks from your website.

How Toxic Backlinks Are Created

Toxic backlinks are usually created when a website obtains backlinks from suspect backlink-providing companies. Too many of these companies produce harmful backlinks which may appear effective at first but may develop to unhealthy, spammy backlinks in the long run. SEO Brisbane is careful in creating backlinks and discourages hiring unfamiliar companies who are offering an ultra-fast way of getting results. SEO success is a process, and you should be wary about companies promising overnight victory.

Why It Is Necessary To Remove Toxic Backlinks

It is necessary to remove toxic backlinks as soon as possible as they can have serious negative impact on your website’s search engine rankings. Your website may appear to have a high number of backlinks, but these backlinks may be detrimental. This can be grounds for Google to remove your website from the system.

How to Detect Toxic Backlinks in a Website

The following are some of the steps we take to get your toxic backlinks removed:

1. Monitor the website’s traffic level.
We monitor the traffic level of your website.If your website’s traffic level is decreasing, you might have been penalized by Google’s Penguin update that may be caused by the presence of toxic backlinks.

2. Find the list of website backlinks.
Using Google Webmaster Tools and other effective tools, we will find the list of your website’s backlinks and take note of the toxic links to be removed.

Removing Toxic Backlinks with SEO Brisbane

After having detected the toxic backlinks, we proceed with the following steps:

1. Contact the owner of the website.
We contact the website owners to request for a backlink removal on their end.

2. File a Reconsideration Request.
We can process the filing for a Reconsideration Request to Google. This way, you can finally get your toxic backlinks gone for good.