Video Advertising

When people hear the word content marketing, they readily associate this to words. However, a video is part of this content marketing as well. Video marketing is another aspect that, when done well, makes a huge difference. This is a powerful opportunity to engage the audience and generate buzz. However, only around 57 percent of digital marketers maximise the marketing potential that comes with Video. Not maximising this strategy is a waste given that 89% of the companies who use it see a significant difference in their online marketing sales and response.

Why Video Marketing is a Must-Do

The answer is simple: Customers love video and the amazing amount of information you can provide in such a short time. People prefer watching video rather than reading articles. Video is also, a good way to convey your message in a meaningful and interactive way. Take note that 78% of online users watch YouTube videos weekly, and 34% of those who shop online tend to buy a product or use a service after viewing video ads. These figures should be enough to compel you to start integrating video into your internet marketing campaign.

Another key reason why video marketing is growing in demand is due to the rise and rise of the mobile age. Videos are naturally mobile-friendly, and mobile device users love watching videos enjoying information and entertainment on the go. Plus, social media and video always work together. Every day, millions of videos are shared on social media, which is a proof that the right video marketing strategy can really go a long way.

Why Choose SEO Brisbane

If you want to enjoy all the perks that video marketing brings, SEO Brisbane can help you enjoy all of its benefits. We will take the time to know your brand, study your target market, and map out a video marketing strategy that works. We make use of the most relevant and effective strategies and tools that can get you ahead of the curve.

SEO Brisbane is equipped with a skilled team video production marketers who can take your digital marketing campaign to the next level. We have run multiple successful video marketing campaigns, working with some of the biggest and well-known companies out there. We will be happy to help make your company the next success story.